An agency professionally managed by a team of well-trained and qualified consultants in Human Resource Recruitment.



1.                 INTRODUCTION


AGENSI PEKERJAAN HR RESOURCES SDN BHD (  ) was established in the Klang Valley with the commitment to serve the people and the business community of Malaysia. We possess a valid operating employment agency license from the Ministry of Human Resource Department with Jabatan Tenaga Rakyat license No.: JTR 1386.


Though we are a new kid on the block having founded in the new millennium, our consultants have an average of ten years working experience in the financial services, I.T, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, construction and agricultural sectors. Thus we have connections to both the employer and employee for a relatively wide range of positions encompassing qualified professionals both in the executive and the managerial levels and as well as non –executive positions.


Whatever business you are in, whether you need temporaries or hiring permanent staff, we commit to provide you with the most suitable candidate efficiently and effectively, thus saving your company valuable time and money.





How does HRR handle an executive recruitment?


We strongly believe in forming a long-term partnership with our client in this said area. As a search consultant HRR will work on both retainer or on a contingency (ad hoc) basis. To begin with, a candidate may have difficult adapting to the new environment and different culture each company represents. Therefore, before commencing on any recruitment, we will visit your organization to understand your working environment and work culture and to discuss the job description in detail. By doing this, we will be able to search for quality and most qualified candidates to meet your esteem company requirements and candidates can be given accurate information on the company and an idea of his future career prospects.








How does HRR assist you to source the right candidate?


Considering the job description, we will decide together the best approach either through recruitment by advertising or direct search. We will also source candidate through our internal database.


If we decide to go through advertising, we will write the text and submit it to you for approval. The cost of the advertisement will be borne in full by your company at the real cost.


For a direct search, we will determine together of the specific companies you want us to target or avoid. We guarantee total confidentiality for placements, for integrity of both your organization and candidates. The interviews, for the same reason, will be held at our premises.





How does HRR conduct a search?


Ø     Determine the industry structure.

Ø     Understanding structures in which the required candidate is currently employed.

Ø     Contacting companies, associations ad organizations to identify relevant candidates in a related industry.

Ø     Launching searches with companies, associations, colleges, universities, etc. to identify candidates that have preferences in the said industry.

Ø     Through our existing database and network of contacts.













How does HRR select the candidates?


The HRR consultant who liaisons with you will be the one conducting the interviews. They are therefore best able to ascertain if the candidate is suitable for the position and is able to fit into the company culture. We will also scrutinize their motivation for changing jobs.


After the comprehensive interview has been conducted, we will cross check the candidate’s references with his previous employees or any known contacts. References are important as part of our recruitment process as it verifies the qualities and achievements the candidate has obtained. We will then shortlist at least 3 ( or as specified)  candidates for the final interview with your organisation.


We will then provide a comprehensive report on each candidate detailing their experience and our findings on their suitability for the job. Your meetings with the candidates are organized and followed up by us.


The normal process for an executive search (headhunting) will take


Ø     2-3 weeks to identify and source the candidates (search duration may be shorter depending on the availability of candidates).

Ø     2-3 weeks to conduct the interviews and to present a shortlist of candidates.

Ø     The final stage in which you will be involved directly by interviewing and negotiating with the selected candidate will depend upon your availability.


Part of our mission with you is to serve as a mediator between the candidates and the company to ensure mutual understanding and communication. We also endeavor to assist the selected candidate in a smooth transition, assist the candidate to abide by or to renegotiate the notice requirements of their previous company.












Reference Checks


In conducting reference checks, it is our practice to talk directly with individuals who are or have been in positions to evaluate a candidate’s performance and behavior on the job. Considerable care and diligence is involved in the checking.


We ask clients not to conduct their own independent checks without first discussing the matter with us. Much damage can be done to a candidate’s position in his current role if reference checking is not professionally carried out.


The outcomes of our investigations are reported in writing, summarizing our findings from the information provided by third parties, and when necessary we also verify educational credentials.




3.                 HRR RELATED SERVICES


HRR provides consultancy services, in respect of Human Resource Recruitment in the following matters:


Ø     Industrial Relation problems

Ø     Recruitment of foreign workers

Ø     Renewal of Work permits

Ø     Employment Passes

Ø     Foreign Workers’ Insurance Scheme

Ø     Foreign Workers’ Bank Guarantee











HRR Placement Terms & Conditions


 Recruitment Mode

% of TARP

Placement Terms

Executive Search


Payable within 30days of invoice




Placement Guarantee valid for three (3)

from candidate’s work commencement.



For guarantee to be effective (candidate ‘s

replacement at no extra billing, ALL  

invoices must be settled



No upfront administrative fees.




(Non Executive / Non  Professional)

One month 

Basic salary

Terms As above


Total Annual Remuneration Package (TARP) includes candidate’s fixed salary, allowances i.e. Petrol/Parking, Technical / Stand By allowances, and other monetary benefits (excluding commissions).


Example-Executive  for System Engineer


Monthly Basic Salary        :  RM     5,000.00

Petrol Allowance               :  RM        300.00   (if fixed)

Technical Allowance         :  RM        150.00   (if fixed)


Total Monthly Income       :  RM     5,450.00



Additional 13th month        :  RM     5,000.00



Ø     TARP              RM70,400.00

                             [(RM5,450 x 12 months) + 13th month pay (RM5,000)]


Ø     Fee charged    RM12,672.00  (18% x RM70,400)



Recruitment License Issued by Jabatan Tenaga Rakyat Under Ministry of Human Resources